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constant connect/disconnect cycle; 17-12-2008 17:49

i installed Wippien a few hours ago, and was testing it with friends, when i was suddnely disconnected. Now, whenever i try to launch Wippien again, i am onctantly stuck in a c/dc loop - despite changing and fiddling with all setting i could find, restartingm and reinstalling Wippien.

To make matters worse, i can no longer open anything through google, or my gmail account. I did log in using my gmail account initially, and now it seems to be broken.

I'm running vista 32.

Um, help?
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Re: constant connect/disconnect cycle; 17-12-2008 20:48
Any chance it's connected on 2 machines with same username?

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Re: constant connect/disconnect cycle; 04-12-2010 04:27
my friend is having same issue he just made his, account tonight, and only has it on one machine and it connects and disconnects all the time no idea why fire wall is not issue also every now and then his internet isp discconects him but only when he is tryin gto use Wippen. after serval disconnects and reconnects.

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